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Published by BRE Trust

BioMason brick wins Postcode Lottery Green Challenge


CO2-free brick ‘grown’ from bacteria nets €500,000m prize with second award in the offing

BioMason’s CO2-free brick production process, which uses bacteria to ‘grow’ bricks, has been named winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013. The sustainable innovation contest, which is organised by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, awarded its €500,000m first prize to Ginger Dosier, the US innovator behind BioMason.

The company is also in the running to win the $250,000 top prize in the US Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge. The challenge – organised by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in partnership with actor Brad Pitt’s Make it Right sustainable building foundation – recognises manufacturers that align with the Cradle to Cradle principles and products programme.

As well as BioMason, other finalists in the Cradle to Cradle competition are:

  • MushroomR Insulation – a green replacement for plastic foams, which combines agricultural byproducts with fungal mycelium to ‘grow’ structural rigid insulation
  • Bellwether Materials’ Softbatts – sheep’s wool insulation
  • GR Green Building Products’ Green CedarTM and Green SlateTM – synthetic roofing and cladding materials made from waste limestone and recycled plastic milk bottles and shopping bags
  • StormWall Industries’ StormWall – a structural wall, floor and ceiling system
  • Dutch Design Initiative’s reinforced wood wool cement board
  • Roma’s Domus mineral paints
  • Ecococon’s straw panels
  • Haplobuilt’s Haploblocks – a small scale prefabricated building system
  • EcorR Universal Construction Panels made using waste cellulose fibre.

The winner will be announced in November. To find out more about the challenge and its finalists, click Cradle to Cradle.

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