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Published by BRE Trust

Leeds Metropolitan opens Sustainability Institute


Business, energy, technology and the built environment will fall in research centre's remit

Leeds Metropolitan University is to launch the Leeds Sustainability Institute later this month.

The core themes of the research centre will include:

  • People and places: Creating research-informed policy on the sustainable management of spaces and places
  • Infrastructure: Developing resilient and sustainable products and infrastructure. Assisting the developing world with sustainable resources at all levels
  • Buildings and the environment: Developing forensic and in-use research to understand new, existing and retrofit buildings, at domestic and commercial scale.
  • Business practice: Providing project and process management to support sustainable development, while maintaining corporate, social and legal responsibility
  • Energy: Understanding power supply, energy recovery, renewable energy, micro generation, networks and building management systems. Developing an understanding of the relationships between buildings and occupant behaviour
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT): Understanding the application of ICT in enabling sustainability by use of these technologies for management and monitoring, while ensuring ICT systems are resource efficient. Understanding the impact, technicalities, benefits and the business of building information modelling.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Leeds Sustainability Institute director, Professor Chris Gorse, said: "Our aim is to develop research and enterprise that makes a positive difference."

Sustainability experts at the university are working extensively in Africa. The university secured funding last year from the Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA) to undertake research and development work in Malawi. It has also won funding from the Department for International Development (DfID) to develop a range of new postgraduate courses in Africa in conjunction with the Universities of Malawi and Botswana. The courses will focus on sustainable engineering.

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