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Published by BRE Trust

Thursday 17 April 2014 ANALYSIS

In the past, putting enough solar panels on the roof could both cut the carbon emissions and pass building regs Why low carbon thinking is essential from the start

15/4/2014 > by Sean Mills

The new Target Fabric Energy Efficiency standard should put an end to poor design dressed up with green gadgets and embed energy efficiency in a project from the outset. By Sean Mills, of Build Energy read on

Creating strong communities, Part 2

2/4/2014 > by Tim Dixon and Saffron Woodcraft

MEASURING SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY IN NEW HOUSING DEVELOPMENT: In the second of two articles, Tim Dixon and Saffron Woodcraft analyse a case study based on their framework to measure social sustainability – Kidbrooke Village in south east London – and draw out the implications for policy and practice read on

Creating strong communities

29/3/2014 > by Tim Dixon and Saffron Woodcraft

MEASURING SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY IN NEW HOUSING DEVELOPMENT: In the first of two articles, Tim Dixon and Saffron Woodcraft look at the importance of social sustainability for housebuilders, present a framework for its measurement, report the results of applying that, and discuss the policy and practice implications read on

Why does the cleanweb matter?

22/3/2014 > by Sonny Masero

The cleanweb links clean technologies with the world of the web to boost growth in a sustainable way. And it offers something for everyone, explains Sonny Masero, Cleanweb Initiative Leadership Council member read on

Routes to better living in the city

25/2/2014 > by Jo Smit

The quest to improve urban living is being pursued by numerous research projects. Jo Smit reports from the BRE Trust’s Annual Research Conference read on

The Energy Act: a challenge and an opportunity

19/2/2014 > by Graeme Murray

The Energy Act will make energy efficiency a requirement for buildings by 2018. Smart landlords will be keeping one step ahead. Graeme Murray of CBRE writes. read on

Green Deal and ECO: For better or worse

4/2/2014 > by Kristina Smith

Industry fears revised energy efficiency policy will hamper retrofits for the worse off, while firms must look to the ‘able to pay’ market. Kristina Smith reports read on

The Change Debate: Hitting green targets in a fragile housing market

19/1/2014 > by Jo Smit

Awareness of the responsibility to rise to the low carbon challenge is high in the housing industry: the difficulty is pinpointing what is required and how to achieve it, this debate concludes read on

Stars of Building Science probe future building

7/1/2014 > by Jo Smit

Global experts share insights at conference of Building4change’s virtual academy of excellence. Watch our video highlights read on