Efficient Construction

  • Sceptics welcome at the Passivhaus Conference

    4/10/2017 – Tom Harvey

    Initially used by a few enthusiasts at the grassroots level, Passivhaus has demonstrated its effectiveness in ..

  • Making BIM work better

    7/9/2017 – Tom Harvey

    The benefits of BIM’s adoption by the construction industry are clearly recognised, but the wider use of..

  • housebuilding quality

    Interview with Mark Farmer

    18/8/2017 – Tom Harvey

    Almost a year after he published his highly influential review of the UK construction labour model, ‘Mod..

  • Bringing BIM back to reality

    15/6/2017 – Su Butcher

    In the drive towards greater efficiency through the use of BIM and digital innovation, the BIM community must ..

  • Building better productivity

    30/5/2017 – Damien Carr

    Construction lags behind manufacturing when it comes to productivity. It’s a decades-long issue but the ..

  • The six personas of offsite construction

    24/4/2017 – Damien Carr

    New CITB report sets out six skills areas needed for the industry to deliver more offsite construction project..

  • The BIM data problem: identifying the best solution

    19/4/2017 – Paul Oakley

    Resolving the BIM data problem means recognising that barriers exist and working out how to overcome these iss..

  • Virtual creations

    20/3/2017 – Alistair Kell

    We may be heading toward a digital future but human collaboration will underpin technological change; indeed i..

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