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Published by BRE Trust

Sunday 20 April 2014 OPINION

Paul Gamble Comment: Housing standards review missed opportunity to safeguard the future

10/4/2014 > by Paul Gamble

The government must tackle accessibility and sustainability if it is to prevent another housing crisis. By Paul Gamble of Habinteg Housing Association read on

Interview: Nicholas Reade and Marcelo Borba, Brookfield Incorporacoes

7/4/2014 > by Jo Smit

Delivering 18,000 units this year, Brazil's Brookfield Incorporacoes could benefit from the efficiencies driving sustainable construction in the UK. The challenge is to get the rest of the industry to buy into the changes required read on

Comment: Scaling up the deal

18/3/2014 > by Mat Lown

Despite a slow start, the Green Deal remains key to government’s energy-efficiency strategy, a view underlined by recent incentives including the latest Green Deal at scale. By Mat Lown of Tuffin Ferraby Taylor read on

Interview: Tom Woolley, expert in low impact building

11/3/2014 > by Jo Smit

Interest in the use of natural materials for building is growing, but they remain on the fringe in practice. They needn’t be, says Tom Woolley read on

Comment: Storms point to the need for a natural environment strategy

24/2/2014 > by Robert Tregay

A natural environment strategy could lessen the damage caused by the recent destructive storms and link to other sustainable living initiatives such as fuel production and biodiversity, writes Professor Robert Tregay of LDA Design read on

Comment: Using light as an architectural tool

13/2/2014 > by Richard van de Vrie

The impact of 3D printing is growing and now it is opening up the design options for lighting, printing functional optics straight from a designer’s computer. Richard van de Vrie of LUXeXcel writes. read on

Comment: Real sustainability boosts the bottom line

6/2/2014 > by Kevin Chapman

Greening the workplace makes good business sense, but not just by improving employee wellbeing and productivity. The new thinking it engenders extends to other aspects of business practice, says Kevin Chapman of Lend Lease read on

Comment: Offsetting is dangerous for our ancient woodlands

8/1/2014 > by Robert Tregay

Biodiversity offsetting fits some situations but uprooting ancient woodland would cause fundamental and irrevocable damage, says Professor Robert Tregay read on

Interview: Ed Turner, review representative, Local Government Association

18/11/2013 > by Jo Smit

The government’s proposals in the Housing Standards Review to ease housebuilders’ regulatory responsibilities, have left local authorities fearing their ability to respond flexibly to the needs of their communities will be damaged, says Ed Turner read on